The app for all-around healthy employees

Fördere mit dem «kinastic Coach» dein Gesundheitswissen und werde zur gesündesten Version deiner selbst. Vergesse nie wieder, gesunde Aktivitäten in deinen (Arbeits-)Alltag einzubauen.

Against stress factors at the workplace

Exercises for your everyday worklife

Our work often puts a lot of strain on our musculoskeletal system. Head, eye, back and neck pain are the result. With our coach, these complaints will soon be a thing of the past.

For achieving your fitness and health goals

Get fit and stay fit

With or without equipment, a lot or little time, for beginners and pros: the kinastic coach gets to know you, creates a unique training plan for you and shows you how to reach your goal.

Inspiration & Know How for your nutrition

Healthy nutrition made easy

Your coach has the right recipe ideas ready for you and inspires you to try something new. With our recipe videos, every menu is a success - dare!

For a strong mind in a strong body

Balanced and stress-free in everyday life

Our breathing exercises and meditations will make you more mindful, balanced and resilient. Take time for yourself and learn techniques that help you easily cope with acute stressful situations.

Your health companion

"kinastic Coach" is the right app for you

Our digital health coach becomes your long-term companion and turns you into the healthiest version of yourself. It keeps you motivated and informed at all times and creates a health plan tailored to your exact needs.


You schedule your activities when it suits you. The coach reminds you and ensures that your health is not neglected in everyday life.


Record all your leisure activities like hiking, golfing or similar manually or with a fitness tracker and always keep track.


The coach is always there for you and supports you in achieving your goals. He adapts to you and your everyday life and tracks your progress.


Compete with your colleagues in team challenges and achieve your health goals together. Maybe you link the achievement of the goal to a donation or a good deed?


Thanks to reminders and motivational messages, you'll never forget to incorporate healthy activities into your daily routine and stay on the ball for good.


Stay up to date and learn tips & tricks from our health experts.

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