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Automate the
health promotion in your company

Become a corporate health star with AXA and kinastic and support your employees with individual programs in the areas of exercise, nutrition and mental health.

* The discount only applies to customers of AXA personal insurance (KTG, UVG and/or BVG).

* The discount only applies to customers of AXA personal insurance (Accident-, Daily sickness benefits insurance and/or Pension solutions)

For a healthy (work) life

The digital health coach and companion

Thanks to "kinastic Coach" you will never again forget to incorporate healthy activities into your hectic (work) life. The health coach promotes health and accompanies companies and employees with holistic health programs in the areas of exercise, nutrition and mental health.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Food for your body and mind

With "kinastic Coach" you get a digital health companion that supports you in your hectic everyday life to feed your body and mind the right food. In addition to various seasonal recipes and recipe videos for every type of diet, kinastic Coach is also a constant reminder to take enough time for mental health. 

An overlook and corporate identity

Your workplace health promotion measures under control at all times

Your personal admin tool "kinastic Studio" makes all your health promotion measures visible and measurable. The platform not only gives you an overview of usage behavior in the company (anonymized and aggregated at all times, of course), but you can also manage your own content via the app. This means that your employees no longer have to browse through the Internet, but can find all BGF content such as fitness courses, massage offers or employee assistance programs on a single platform. In addition, you become a content creator and can publish your own videos, blogs, etc. via the app.

For the extra portion of motivation

Challenges for the entire team

With kinastic challenges, you can playfully promote better health in your company. Within the app, you collect points - so-called Fitcoins™ - for healthy activities. Whether it's a breathing exercise, meditation, fitness or workplace exercise, it doesn't matter. Every activity counts and everyone can make his or her contribution to the joint success.

Together we master your CHM challenges

Have we sparked your interest?

Then let's get started together! Thanks to your personal kinastic health manager, nothing stands in the way of successful and sustainable implementation.


Get in touch with your WeCare customer advisor or book a demo with the kinastic team.

Taking off

In a workshop, you and your project team become kinastic experts. Get started with a team challenge and lay the foundation for sustainable health promotion.


You are not alone! kinastic guides and supports you personally with a sophisticated communication concept as well as professional documents for all channels.

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