Automate the corporate
health promotion in your company

Become a CHM (Corporate Health Management) star with the kinastic Coach app and support your employees with individual programs in the areas of exercise, nutrition and mental health.

For a healthy (work) life

Digital health coach and companion

Thanks to "kinastic Coach" you will never again forget to incorporate healthy activities into your hectic (work) life. The health coach promotes your health and supports companies and employees holistically with health programs in the areas of exercise, nutrition and mental health.

Healthy from the inside and outside

Food for your body and mind

With "kinastic Coach" you have a digital health companion by your side that supports you in your hectic life and helps you feed your body and your mind the right food. In addition to seasonal recipes and recipe videos for every type of diet, "kinastic Coach" reminds you again and again to take enough time for your mental health.

Give the content a personal touch and keep it in perspective

Your workplace health promotion measures under control at all times

With our admin tool "kinastic Studio" you have an overview of the usage and visibility of your BGF measures at any time and manage your own content (massage offer, fitness courses, etc.) at the same time. Your employees will never have to browse through the intranet again, but will find all BGF content on a single platform.

For the extra portion of motivation

Challenges for you and your team

With kinastic challenges, you can playfully promote better health in your company. Within the app, you collect points - so-called Fitcoins™ - for healthy activities. Whether it's a breathing exercise, meditation, fitness or workplace exercise, it doesn't matter. Every activity counts and everyone can make his or her contribution to the joint success.


What our customers and partners say

Together we master your CHM challenges

The recipe for success? Kinastic becomes part of your corporate culture!

kinastic becomes the central tool of your health management. With our app, all employees benefit from an individual health coach and at the same time have access to existing support measures. Our communication plan and appropriate templates help you to promote kinastic to your employees through all internal communication channels. Your personal kinastic health manager supports you in this process. So nothing stands in the way of a successful and sustainable implementation!


Together we decide which people in the company can support us and act as "ambassadors" to motivate and activate the rest of the staff. We find out how we can make kinastic a success within your existing structures.

Taking off

Templates inspire and help you get started with kinastic. Thanks to our communication plan and individual starter kit, we achieve sign-up rates up to 40-60%!

Measuring & Scaling

If you don't measure, you can't steer. We survey employees, engage in regular exchanges, analyze facts and figures, and thus develop the project further. We manage to motivate more people than ever to participate and thus strengthen your healthy corporate culture.

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